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I have been working with Sondrina for three years now. She is a wonderful practitioner. She is patient, thorough and I love how she is really focused on educating her patients. In working with her, most of my treatments have focused on managing my mental illness, grief and menstrual health. I’ve been getting acupuncture for at least six years and I can say I love how gentle Sondrina‘s approach is and also how well knowledgeable she is around herbs. Thanks to Sondrina I have a pretty stable herbal regimen that helps me manage my mental illnesses. I’m so grateful to work with her.

T. Wright - Ingelwood, CA

Sondrina is a kind, thoughtful and thorough person. She is passionate about health care and self-care and she wants to share that with the world. I recently reached out to Sondrina for a consultation and I felt heard, seen and empowered with solutions. After my consultation I began a diet and herb regiment that dramatically helped my overall health. I would highly recommend her services and practices to support any wellness maintenance or health concerns

J. McGee - Sacramento, CA

I was treated by Sondrina after I broke several ribs in an accident at home. While Sondrina was still a student of acupuncture at that time, I'd already know her for many years and knew her to be very serious about her work and doing things correctly. I felt very confident that she would know and execute the right treatment. She is not the type of person who takes shortcuts. I found Sondrina's manner to be equally calming and assuring and peaceful. It was a very calming treatment and helped me to release some of the residual fear (from falling) and to heal faster.

B. Turpin - Los Angeles, CA

I am a wife and mom of 3. After giving birth to my first son, Sondrina guided me in understanding that my son’s eczema flare ups were potentially connected his gut health. After eliminating cow’s milk, incorporating leafy greens, and a reduced sugar diet, his flare ups have decreased drastically. She’s even taught my son to recognize when his skin “isn’t happy”. After giving birth to my daughter, Sondrina introduced my family to Colloidal Silver. I had questions and concerns about flu shots, so I connected with Sondrina and asked for her opinion. After being fully informed and doing my own follow-up research, my family and I have not received any flu shots. We’ve consistently taken liquid Colloidal Silver to boost our immune systems along with good ‘ol fashioned homemade soups, fruits, veggies, exercise and washed hands. After giving birth to my second son, Sondrina continued to introduce my family and I to several herbs, teas, and natural supplements that increased our energy, relieved stress, boost immunity, and focus. I am truly thankful for her. She is diligent and relentless in educating herself in the field of Natural Health. Sondrina is very caring, ambitious, and very inquisitive; always wanting to know why. We need more folks like Sondrina; folks who believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself from the inside out.

T. Davis - Hawthorne, CA

I have known Sondrina for many years. She has been a God sent to me. In 2019, I went to Sondrina for a consultation regarding some health issues. We talked about them and she gave me some supplements to help, and my health issues improved. Somewhere near the end of February 2020 I contacted Sondrina again regarding pain in my legs. I had pain in my legs muscles, spasms, and pain in my left knee. Since then, she has been giving me treatments to target the pain. Since going to see her I can walk better with no pain in my legs and the muscle spasms are getting better. I would recommend Sondrina because she asks a lot of questions so that she can get to know you. She pays attention to detail and is concerned about your health. My experience being treated by Sondrina is great because I had a little discomfort during one treatment, and I let her know and she made the adjustment. I would be treated by Sondrina again because she is very knowledgeable about acupuncture. What you can expect from Sondrina is a genuine caring person who really wants to help you achieve your best health.

V. Woods - Compton, CA

Sondrina’s treatment plan has changed my life tremendously! A true game changer as she helped me identify the exact issues that were causing my symptoms of fatigue, complications with my digestive system and exhaustion. She put me on a specific diet, curated for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Her advice and guidance through this process has started a remarkable new journey. Gearing towards a healthier lifestyle along with an energetic new ME!

N. Holieway - Lakewood, CA

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